Thursday, 19 August 2010


What a pretty girl, so sweet and innocent in her short summer dress, but then again maybe not. She's not wearing any panties, her bottom as pretty as she is peeping out from under her hem, a walking provocation to anyone catching a glimpse. Was she simply careless and forgot to put them on, or is she more wanton than she looks and left them off deliberately, taking pleasure in feeling naked and free? Maybe she met with some accident or adventure on her walk resulting in their being removed.

But when she gets to the house where her young man is waiting for her, how will he react to her knickerless state? Will he render her horizontal, still in her innocent dress, and sweetly but firmly fuck her, taking pleasure in her young body as he probes her moist depths.

“No panties” He'll whisper in her ear, his cock hard and happy inside her as his arousal grows nearer and nearer to it's moment of exquisite fulfillment, “I'm fucking you because your not wearing panties. But maybe you should be spanked as well.”

“Oh yes, Sir.” She'll whisper back, her plan working. “I should be spanked, and spanked.” And then, as their bodies arch together. ”But then you should fuck me again.”

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  1. A pretty young lady indeed.....wo really dos need her pert little bum smacking!