Friday, 27 August 2010

Midnight musings

To enjoy sex in all it’s glory, and certainly to enjoy masturbation which I suggest is the leisure activity of choice for most of the world's population, you need to have a vivid imagination and a strong sense of fantasy. Without it , one's solitary sessions of bliss could lack a a certain sparkle. There's none of us however who do not benefit from having our sexual imaginations tweaked occasionally by some outside stimulus, an image, a story, or a film where out of nowhere an erotic concept plugs into something deep rooted in our subconscious and leaves us with have our insides melting.

One of my weaknesses, as I mentioned in a comment on the blog recently, is pretty young girls with big innocent eyes, wandering graveyards and woods in flowing nightdresses that we pray will get provocatively ripped from their lovely bodies when they suddenly find themselves face to face, and often mouth to mouth, with something vampiric and devastatingly attractive. Sometime the girls are swooning victims, sometimes predators in their own right, but the concept is the same. The midnight meeting is going to end in a consummation where in a state of heightened ecstasy, fluids are exchanged.

Those of us who enjoy being rendered helpless by dominant men, up ended, exposed, and spanked as we fight and struggle before accepting our new role as a tasty feast for them to consume, are living out a similar fantasy to those played out on the screen in vampire films. It is that of a force greater than us taking us against our will to a level of pleasure which we would normally be too frightened to try out, and of course in the process making us one of the initiates who in due course will go out prowling for succulent victims of our own.



  1. I'd always thought there was some sort of spanko vampire equivalence going on. Look at how Anne Rice went from writing the Beauty books to "Interview with a Vampire" etc.

    Is that girl in the lead picture the same one who was too cute a few posts down? Or who is she?

  2. The girl in the first picture should be actress Nastassja Kinski.

    The last picture is from the movie "Initate Lessons"; the spankee is Kay Parker.

  3. I misspelled it. It's Intimate Lessons, of course. See my Spanking Showcase for a clip.

  4. Thanks for comments. I've a few thinks to say about Natassja Kinsky which I'll do in a separate posting