Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Just asking for a spanking

What a foolish girl you are, wandering round in a tiny skirt and no panties, your peachy little bottom on display and designed to drive men wild.

Don't you know that all the men and a lot of the women who read this blog given half a chance would throw you over their knee, shrug your derisory little skirt out of the way then give you a long and thorough spanking on that wicked little bottom of yours for being for being so wanton and provocative. Certainly I would, and in fact there's a good chance I'll be thinking about doing just that when I drift into sleep tonight.

Comments from all those who agree with me will be gratefully received.


  1. Elizabeth, I would most like to watch to be sure it's done properly. That thought will stick with me while I drift off to sleep.

  2. L
    the trouble with such very good advice is that one doubts whether the nymph will be reading this important and 'must read' information service which is probably why she just cannot understand the inevitable predicaments she must undoubtedly find herself - repeatedly perhaps

  3. On mature reflection, I think all young girls should dress like this. That's not to say they still shouldn't be spanked for it.


  4. Oh yes, I so agree Elizabeth....and I'm lucky enough to have a stepdaughter with just such a peachy bottom...and, as you can imagine, the said naughty bottom is often spanked by me!