Friday, 13 August 2010

French maid spanking

One of the things I often dream about (along with a host of other wicked thoughts ) is having a young girl working for me as my maid. She’d be petite and pretty with huge baby blue eyes and a neat little figure, and I'd kit her out in a ludicrously short black dress, heels, and hold ups stockings. Half the week she’d wear tiny white panties, and the other half her little bare bottom would scarcely be out of sight under her dress. She'd be chirpy and happy in the job, and when we brushed past each other during the day I'd give her little kisses and fondle her bottom under her dress and she’d giggle and pout in appreciation.

But of course, when necessary I'd have to be strict, and if she made mistakes, there would be no doubt what would happen.

“Miss, I'm ever so sorry, but I've broken that vase you like.”

“Have you, Lucinda! That’s not very good is it. What am I going to do with you?”

“I don’t know, Miss.”

“Well l do. (Taking her by the wrist) I definitely do!”

“Oh Miss! You're not …...”

“Oh yes I am. I'm going to spank you.”

“Not spank me, Miss!”

“Most definitely. Bring me that chair will you.”

(With downcast eyes she does so. I take her across my knee and pull up her skirt and take time to enjoy the sight and feel of her bottom and slip my fingers underneath the silk of her panties, and she gives a little squirm.)

“I'm really sorry, Miss.”

“Not as sorry as your going to be. You deserve this don’t you?”

(Sounding sorry for herself.) “Yes, Miss.”

“What do you deserve?”

“A good spanking, Miss.”

“Exactly! A good long spanking on your bare bottom.”

“But…'re not going to pull my knickers down, Miss!”

(Taking hold of them and getting increasingly excited at the idea.) ”I most certainly am!”

“But, you'll see...… I mean ….everything!”

“It's part of the punishment, Lucinda. The humiliation of having your knickers pulled down like a naughty girl”

(Pulls down panties and take a good while to feel her bare bottom and making a point of brushing fingers over her pleasure button so she is wriggling and gasping. Keep this up for while till both of us are good and moist, and then, now she’s not expecting it, landing the first crisp spank and enjoying the sound of her squeal.)

“Right, young lady! Let's start to spank you properly............”

But we can all dream…….


  1. Hold up stockings Elizabeth?? tsk tsk report to my study young lady and we will have a discussion on the proper stockings for naughty young girls to be spanked in. Go on girl. dont dawdle :-)


  2. Ahh! The great Hold Ups- v- Suspenders debate. All a matter of taste.

    I'll try and make sure to post some suspenders pics before the weeek's out.