Monday, 16 August 2010



  1. A naughty stepdaughter waiting to receive her just desserts on her little bottom. It might be 'six of the best' with the cane or the taste of a leather strap or belt or the touch of a wooden paddle??????

    She is presenting such a delightful target, bent over the table as she is with her pert little bum exposed!

    How I would love to give her some appreciative hand smacks on that bottom before getting down to the serious business of chastising the said bottom properly!


  2. ah, what a start to the week and another day in a busy office with jobs to be done - ah, the rsponsibilty
    one just hopes the rest of the 'team' behaves but perhaps another miscreant is waiting outside 'in anticipation'

    thanks Liz


  3. The waiting, in position, bottom bared. the gasping undressing under watchful, stern eyes. The standing with hands at her sides or on her head, exposed in anticipation of punishment to come.
    These are at least the same powerful signals of submission and obedience that receiving the actual spanking is, I think.
    And certainly as erotic to write about and photograph!