Monday, 9 August 2010


Yes, I did deserve that spanking, but I didn’t think he would be quite that thorough. It’s all over now though, and my bottom’s getting that lovely glow that I love so much and I‘m ready to make up.

He’s staring at me the way he always does after he’s spanked me, a mixture of stern and forgiving, and I know that he’s ripe for what always happens next. All I’ve got to do is lie here looking sorry and then he’ll tell me that if I promise to be good from now on he’ll be nice to me, and when I do, he’ll kiss me in all my sensitive places and I’ll kiss him where he’s already hot and throbbing and it will all be sweet between us. He won’t even have to undress me this time as I seem to have lost most of my clothes while he was punishing me.

I wonder what naughty thing I can do next time to make it all happen again?


  1. You have a spectacular blog! This pic makes me smile..I've worn that expression more than a time or two. Love your take on it, as well. :D You're making me squirm. Celine

  2. Thanks for this and your other comments. Glad you like the blog.

    Yes, I love this girl's expression, that mixture of innocent and wanton that is so arousing.

    Hope other posts will be to your taste.