Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dotoir des Grandes

This is a still from a film, Dotoir des Grandes, I think from about 1984, with a very satisfying little scene in it, my only criticism being that it so short.

The girl on the bed (with a very fetching bare bottom it has to be said) is a pupil who has misbehaved, but her teacher’s anger has a hint of ambiguity in it.

“You can either be suspended or be spanked.” She tells the girl who accepts the spanking.

“Go ahead, I deserve it.” Are her exact words. She is pushed on to the bed by her teacher who lands a good crisp smack over her panties then, pausing to pull them down, gives her just a handful more on her bare flesh, but when it's all over the reason for the ambiguity becomes clear. She asks the girl if she had hurt her, then embraces her, rubbing her face against the girl’s freshly spanked bottom.

Not having seen the whole film I don’t know, but I strongly suspect that Sapphic urges are in the air, and I’m definitely adding this to the list of films in my must see list.

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