Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Those were the days....

I borrowed this image from the French site, Au fills de jour (for which many thanks) , and my goodness it does takes me back. Nothing in a third world prison can match the sheer sadism of a bunch of senior school girls when they've got it on for one of the group .

"Come on! Let me, it was my idea to pull her knickers down."

"It must be my turn, you've been spanking her for ages!"

“Wait till it’s my turn . I’ll show you all how it’s done!"

And later it will all be forgotten. Her bottom will be kissed better in the dormitory, and in due course the group will re-form and the victim will have her turn at being an oppressor.

It was ever thus!


  1. "And keep licking it until we tell you to stop!"

    Liz - this silly cartoon has provided several days of entertainment. Those girls are really enjoying themselves!

    "Keep your tongue right THERE - GOOD girl - lick... my... nice... wet ... that's a VERY... VERY... good... little... girl! Keep licking it right THERE... yes just like THAT... OH GOD YES!!!!! O...M...G... kiss it again - kiss it NOW... right... THERE!"

  2. Mostly right - but not so old. I like to think that you are the girl in the pink dress, and my wife is getting spanked.

    EVERYONE thinks my wife Nicole is sexy! But she is sometimes very bad. I recently walked in on her and her girlfriend - Nicole's hand was somewhere it shouldn't have been, and I'm sure her mouth had been there a few moments earlier.

    While she's being whacked, grab a handful of her blonde hair and make her service you. Hump her mouth as much as you want. "Yes Nicole just like THAT... OH GOD YES!!!!!!" Nicole is such a slut. When you've had enough, tell her that she hasn't done the job properly, and it's YOUR turn to spank her, then make her witness you using her husband. And make my naughty slutty wife watch.