Wednesday, 7 December 2011



I think I might be in for a spanking!

You see, I can’t remember if I’m wearing any panties! I know I had some on earlier as , well just between ourselves I had my hand in them. You know the way you do.

But then I changed clothes and I can’t remember if I took them off

Or put different ones on.

So I don’t l know if under my tiny little skirt I’m quite naked,

Or if maybe I am wearing some after all!

I know my boyfriend normally loves it if I don’t wear any knickers under my mini skirts. Provided it’s just the two of us of course. As soon as he notices, and I make sure he does,

It's clear how much he likes it.

But if he finds out I’ve been out shopping like that,

I’ll be for it, no question! A good long spanking over his knee

At least it will have saved him the trouble of pulling my knickers down,

And after a spanking he’s always extra to me anyway, definitely worth being spanked for!

So blow it, I’m just going to check, and if I have got some on, I’m going to take them off. I have to admit I do enjoy living dangerously!


  1. Sounds like fun. I hope you get the spanking you deserve. :)

  2. Personally, although there is a time for no knickers in public and it does add to the frisson of the moment.
    I usually prefer the lady to be wearing them, it adds to the pleasure and excitement the moment of lowering them.

  3. I must add the photos are gorgeous, you must spend an inordinate amount of time trawling the internet to look for suitable photographs to accompany the words to everything you write.

    Thank you for making the time to continue with your blog, it really is much appreciated x

  4. Elizabeth Forster12 December 2011 at 00:51

    Thank you for that comment, Sir Stephen. I do try hard to keep standards high.

    Always nice to be appreciated.


  5. Being an old uncle type, and sporting a 'twinkling' eye, your photos make me rub my large hands together in anticipation of a lady bared and trembling, with butterfly's in her tummy, before I begin.