Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Short Vest

Quite recently I did a posting on the advantages we girls have in the battle of the sexes including the fact that that by apparent capitulation we may seem to lose the battle but in the process we are actually winning the war. I also mentioned the armoury of erotic accoutrements available to us,

An item I did not even touch on was the short vest, a garment of such artless simplicity that I’m surprised that you don't have to apply for a licence to own one.

As soon as a girl slips on the short vest she instantly becomes an incendiary mixture of naughty little girl and Whore of Babylon all at the same time. Worn without knickers it does something for your naughty bits like nothing else, and as that cute little bottom of yours peeps out from underneath, it becomes a provocative invitation to be kissed and fondled and of course to be spanked as well.

In the short vest the pleasures of your breasts are quietly hinted at and are not to far out of reach,

and of course your central crevice is a sweet invitation to his quivering manhood. What better garment to slip on when playing the bed room games we all know so well. “I've been such a naughty girl, Sir. Please don’t be too strict with me!”

And generally he isn’t. Yes. he’ll slip you over his knee, his member throbbing with anticipation, and yes he’ll tell you that regrettably he no choice but to give his special little girl a spanking for her own good, but you knew that anyway.

And should he spank you just a little harder than you had anticipated, be honest it was all your idea anyway, so you do deserve it!

What you do know is that each stinging slap is given with love, and that forgiveness time tends to be particularly sweet. All in all the short vest puts you both in a win win situation, and in a very imperfect world, that has to be a good thing!


  1. You are so right Liz.

  2. L

    vests - mm . . . yes such a simple garment

    but a delightful diversion

    Point Please - at the left of the site there are 'friends' in the past when one had a few moments, it was possible to click on these and sometimes one was lead on a interesting trip

    now however no response - thoughts please


  3. You say that you girls seem to lose the battle while winning the war. Your use of the word "seem" is so correct, for you are in fact winning the battle and the war.

    What about us (the men)? Well, we aren't exactly losing either, so it's a win-win all around isn't it? My own dear one had to convince me to put her over my knee. I found that what I enjoy most about it is how much she enjoys it. Which means I'm very eager to find any excuse to put her there again. Which is just what she wants.

    Hmmmm. Christmas is near. Maybe she needs some short vests.