Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Escape to Decadence

There are times in our life when we realise that we need to simply escape and to turn our back on anything resembling the humdrum and ordinary.

We have an urge to take ourselves off to somewhere sleek and smoky and dark where anything is possible and where we can find that we are no longer entirely in control, a place where needs and desires we did not even know we had can be indulged and nurtured,

I see a place that is rich and decadent where girls with kohl ringed eyes glide and pose, indulging in their glowing sexuality and erotic promise.

sometimes giving pleasure,

sometimes receiving it,

and sometime simply being part of the erotic d├ęcor to be looked at and admired and touched.

It is a place where you can forget any question of personal identity and take pleasure in being nothing more than a play thing as you crawl and serve the needs of any guest whose looks excite your imagination, for after all this is not the real world which, for the time being, has been forgotten.

As someone new and young and inexperienced there is the possibility that you might find yourself initiated into this strange place with a modest spanking, your silken panties publicly lowered before your sweet young bottom is reminded how closely linked are punishment and pleasure.

And there are other dangers of course. You could you find yourself stripped and tethered,

and made to do things that are normally outside your experience.

If so, just let it happen. When this is over and you run it through your mind , I know you will be pleased that you have gained this new experience.

And back in the real world where you might have to pay the price as your lover scourges your bared bottom at each new confession,

his excitement at what he hears taking your spanking to a new level,

you’ll still be glad that it happened and all to ready to go back to that wonderful place again.


  1. Awesome post. You are so right about wanting to go back to that wonderful place again.

  2. L

    ow gawd, how does she do it, really gets into a follow's mind

    so that gives one the inspiration to make fanasy reality - for some unsupecting nymphs

    what one will have to report back on after the hols - thanks for the ideas, though they were lurking there

    did i say 'seasons greetings'


  3. You always have such delicious pictures to go with your stories Liz,however,picture number 2 took my breath away, that delightful combination of eroticism combined with provocativeness.
    Thank you for such lovely pictures xx

  4. So glad you liked it, Sir Stephen. I'll try and keep up the standard.