Sunday, 11 December 2011

And have you been a Good Girl?

Love it or loathe it, Christmas will soon be upon us with all the risks and stresses that involves.

We all of us find ourselves struggling to finds the perfect present for the significant others in our lives, there is nothing to match the look on someone's face when you know you have got it just right!

And of course, why shouldn't we spoil ourselves with something that we know we really want, even if we don't let on to other people about it?

For those of you with certain inclinations, and I think that has to be any of you who check out my blog, what more perfect gift for you or a loved one than books that record the erotic misadventures of a couple of girls who set out to explore their sexuality to the full, whatever results that might produce. If that means their often finding themselves across the knee of some gorgeous man with their knickers down, then so much the better. And should they redress that by occasionally inflicting a spanking on any doe eyed initiate who comes into their lives, hardly a surprise.

Both of my current books, Educating Anna and Sins of the Flesh are still available, and purchase details at the head of my opening page. Should you buy either or both of them, any feed back would be much appreciated. After all I do want to know that I’m keeping you happy!

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  1. L

    ok - here are a couple of winners

    'he keeps looking at me as though i'd forgotten something'

    'let's try fancy dress to spice up friday nights he said - great but i only had my russian peasant costume on for about ten seconds'

    one hopes there are prizes . . .