Saturday, 17 December 2011

What is a Swot?

When I did my recent article, Confessions of a Swot, it never occurred to me that people would not know the usual day to day meaning of the word "Swot"

The dictionary definition is someone who studies hard , that is someone who is most at home when surrounded by books

At school, because of their studies, swots rarely find themselves in the following position,

or this.

In fact it's common for swots, whether they want to be or not, to find that they have become teacher's pet.

This can be quite fun, but of course can mean that they become unpopular with their class mates and as a result sometimes have to pay the consequences.

Just because someone is a swot doesn't mean that they have no interests outside the classroom , and they often enjoy their extra curricular activities such as their daily riding lesson.

In my case, being a swot meant that I was never spanked at home or at school. This meant that I often found myself wondering what it must feel like to be imprisoned helplessly over a man's knee while he spanked my young naked bottom.

And then one day it happened,

and the rest as they say is history; or at least Sexuelle!


  1. I still do not know what it means, but I do know they know hot to have lots of fun. :)

  2. SWOT equals someone who is always studying. Hmmmm. I can just imagine what that is for you Liz. :D