Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Wicked Aunt

Having given you a posting on wicked uncles, it only seems fair to balance it with a posting on wicked aunts . Wicked aunts are an entirely different thing and are not fun at all for any young girl forced by circumstances to stay with one for long periods, or worse still to live with one permanently.

Wicked aunts have a sadistic streak in them and they like nothing more than a young captive girl under their control they can spank as often and as hard as they like.

“You’ve asked for it!” They insist, pulling your knickers down to gloat over your defenceless bare bottom. “And don’t think I’m going to spare you!”

Heaven forbid that you should get any idea that she gets any sort of sexual gratification in taking you over her knee as often as she does, but odd that at times she insists on stripping you naked first before administering your punishment.

Living with a wicked aunt means that you are given all the menial jobs, like peeling potatoes

And scrubbing the floors,

Often while she watches, gloating over her power over you ad waiting to see if you do something wrong so she can punish you yet again.

But what effect does this have on a young girl, ripe with her young sexuality and bursting the need for freedom and experience? Not surprisingly she rebels, finding ways of doing so that the aunt would never have thought of.

She forms attachments to her female cousins, sharing thoughts and hopes and dreams with them as they brush each other’s hair and make up each other's faces.

They try on each other’s clothes, giggling when they think what effect their incendiary undergarments might have on any men they meet,

And inevitably this shared girly intimacy, as it is bound to, frequently leads to even more intimate moments between them as they kiss and fondle and explore each other's sweet bodies.

And of course, there is her male cousin too, a spoilt young man, but still quite fun and worth practicing her feminine wiles upon, so when going about her household duties it’s not difficult to find ways to get his attention,

And once she has, well he has his own way of showing his appreciation!

Occasionally a girl living with a wicked aunt is allowed out, and when she is it’s not surprising that she makes the best use of it she can, dressing for it with care as she doesn’t know when such an opportunity will come again.

And of course, intoxicated by this rare freedom she can’t stop herself behaving recklessly, drinking a little more than she should and being far too friendly with all the men she meets.

Can we blame her for letting these moments go to her head? So when an opportunity to escape presents itself, not surprising that she takes it, with all the risks it might involve.

After what she has been through, she feels she can cope. And if like her aunt the man chooses to spank her from time to time, well he is rather gorgeous and the idea is quite exciting!

And she is sure there will be more than adequate compensation!


  1. Great pix and narrative Liz. Thank you.

    Have a very Happy New Year.


  2. I absolutely *love* the way your mind works. Loved the wicked Uncle post too. Awesome blogging as always.


  3. L

    not sure about the 'wicked aunt' piece, delightful as it is

    as they should, perhaps, be more appropriately dealing with naughty boys - though this may not be the place 'for that sort of thing'

    however you do range far and wide and do prompt interesting thoughts . . .


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