Sunday, 11 December 2011

Caption Competiton

Those of you who follow my blog with any regularity will have noticed that I have a weakness for adding cartoon captions to images, sometime to give them an additional erotic edge, and sometimes because I can’t keep my sense of humour in check.

That being the case, I’m giving you a handful of suitably doctored images to enjoy, but you will see that I have left the last two blank. Do send me your suggested captions, remembering of course that I’m a nice girl really, so not anything that would make me blush!


  1. Top photo. She said "Thanks for the spanks" He said. "I'll drink to that. Botton photo. She said. "Stop spanking with your hand". He said. "The cane will pain".

  2. L

    'he keeps looking at me as though i have forgotten something'

    'let's try fancy dress to spice up Friday nights he said. Great but i only had my Russian peasant costume on for about ten seconds'


  3. "I think she's flirting with me, but I'm not quite sure. It can be so hard to tell when a girl's into you!"

    "No, don't reach for that cane! I'm telling you, hand, don't give him that cane. Bottom won't like you if you do!"

  4. Top photo..."Let me move your drink before you spank my bare like red, don't you?

    Bottom photo...You have me on fire! I'll melt if you give me six of the best...please don't use the cane...please...I can barely handle this....