Friday, 18 February 2011


Last night I dreamed I was at a lonely beach, miles from anywhere. I felt totally free and able to take off all my clothes knowing no one could see me.

I had a lovely swim

But when I came out of the water, someone had stolen my clothes!

I needed somewhere to hide and walked and walked till I found myself in a secret garden, but while I was peeping through the windows to see who lived there,

A very large and grand car drove up. It was driven by a wonderfully handsome man, quite old and very aristocratic,

He took me into the house and made me sit at his feet and tell him what I was doing on his land.

He wanted to know why I was naked, then he told me that I was a trespasser and that I had to work for him as his maid.

I had to scrub

And dust

and make the beds

And if I did anything wrong I was spanked over his knee

Often with my knickers down . Each day he would get older and less attractive and I felt trapped.

This went on for weeks and when I had a moment to myself to think I wondered if I would ever escape and I started to remember a beautiful young man I used to know in my former life,

As I thought of him the image became clearer and suddenly I woke up and I was in bed with my lover. He saw that I was upset and made beautiful love to me.

When I told him of my dream he said that I had subconscious fantasies about being a maid and being spanked, and that I should dress up as a maid to help me find out.

What I found out was that my lover who was the person with the fantasies, but we were both able to enjoy them.

I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight?


  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    I just discovered your blog... Your illustrated stories are awesome!

    Since you have an extraordinary imagination, and are a big fan of spanking and 'little brats' (among other things), I'd like to invite you to check out our message board, , whose major focus includes -- guess what -- spanking and 'little brats' (schoolgirls) :)

    Our posters are a creative, and twisted, bunch -- and I think you'd fit right in :D

  2. L

    ah, animal vegetable or mineral - well i know which is my choice

    amazimg as i have observed before . . .