Friday, 25 February 2011

You've been warned!....

Girls, who ever you are

If you've got a pretty bottom

whether you're blatent about it

or discreet,

maybe less so,

it's inevitable that one day he will pull down your knickers

throw you over his knee

and spank you!

That being the case, you might as well learn to enjoy it.

It's your destiny!


  1. Delicious. It is a simple fact of life that girls with beautiful bottoms will get them spanked more often than others and with less good cause. It may not be fair, but there it is.

    Your site goes from strength to strength and is my first port of call every day. Best on the web.
    You are a star. F.

  2. True, so true. How any hetero male can see a sweetly rounded female bottom and not immediately want to bare those lovely soft curves and spank them till they blush bright red is beyond my comprehension. Ah, poor vanillas - what they're missing...

  3. L

    do see 'cooking' comment below before swept along on an avalanche of further depravity - i have a request