Friday, 11 February 2011

New Job

Hi, Trace! Yeah it's me, Sandy. How it going? Yeah, I'm in the new job, bin there a couple of weeks now.

S’not bad I s’pose as jobs go. Manage to have a bit of a laugh when I can, but the supervisor's a right cow. Really got it in for me and always nagging me to get on with my work . You know the sort.

Some of the blokes are a bit of a laugh though and when we all had a couple of drinks on the Friday, well you know what I’m like!

Got caught though Supervisor was well cross .Got the full “Come to my office on Monday morning bit” and lets say she really gave it to me.

So anyway, the next week I really tried to be good and worked quite hard most of the time.

Only got into trouble a couple of times which was quite good for me

Yeah. Not bad for me, but of course by Friday I was really ready for a laugh and so were the blokes and it all got a bit out of hand . You know what its like.

Yeah. That’s right!I in trouble again !

So the next week I was as good as gold, and honestly it wasn’t my fault , this bloke , the one I was having a laugh with last week, well he sort of crept up on me and , well I won't say over the phone but it was just …..well I'll tell you later. Thing is, I got caught by the old cow again and I'm really in for it this time.

Better go! I'm due in here office in five minutes!

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