Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day

The divisions and subdivisions that that my readers are likely to be divided into have to be virtually endless. Male and Female obviously, and then the young, the not so young and even the venerable. And of course there will be those of you with significant others in their lives (just the one or even several) and those who don't. And then again, and this is not mere pedantry, those who are broadly happy with their single or coupled state, and those who are not.

That the grass is greener in the other field is never so true when it comes to the affairs of the heart, and possibly even more so when it comes to the affairs of the genitals. The lonely bachelor nightly giving himself guilty hand job might well envy his friends who share their enormous tumbled bed with a live in lover every night,

but equally the stallion tethered by matrimonial duties might long for the freedom of watching those dubious late night programs on the TV which are now denied to him, and long for a cosy evening re-visiting sites like mine on his computer.

And as for you girls, coupled or single, don't you often find yourselves occasionally yearning for Mr Darcy in a wet shirt and an erection so demanding you could never tire of finding new ways to make it erupt?

But the thing is, and I don’t want to get heavy about this, but our amatory and erotic needs are not always the same. You might be broadly content with the sex you get from the man you love and live with, but still have fantasies about a tall dark stranger dragging your clothes off and spanking you till you scream,

or shackling your hands before visiting on you such erotic overload you nearly faint with it.

Maybe, while your lover sleeps, in your imagination you glide off into the night in a mysterious car that takes you to secret places where your libido is lubricated with pleasures that so far you have yet to experience.

Whoever you are, and whatever your erotic needs, I can safely assume is that if you tune into Sexuelle on a regular basis it is because you want your fantasies to be fed, and as now is Valentine’s day and a time to celebrate the erotic in our lives, what better time to do so. So if you will be spending tonight in a moonlit wood with your lovers breath on your half closed eyes,

or slipping off into the Ivory Tower of your imagination while your own fingers induce your moment of ecstasy,

let me wish all of you a happy and satisfying Valentines Day.


  1. My partner was out of town on Valentine's Day and I had a lot of work to catch up with. So I resorted to the solitary pleasures, like in the last photo here, when I finally came home after a quick meal out. I felt good about having gotten a lot done during the day and rewarded myself with my fingers and vibrator. All the best, Laurie

  2. You are such a naughty girl, Laurie. I'm ashamed of you.


  3. Liz, My mom agrees with you. The morning after Valentine's Day she called me. When I told her about spending the evening alone, she invited me for lunch at a good Italian restaurant that she's recently discovered. She soon made me confess to the "solitary pleasures". After desert and a final glass of Chianti, she asked me to come to her place for "a serious mother-daughter talk". That phrase is with her a code-word, meaning that she'll soon bring out the strap and the paddle, and this day brought no exception. She gave me a thorough spanking that I will long remember, including on the back of my thighs.

    Husband will be back from his trip soon to see my red behind, and I shall have to tell him the full story. You can guess the rest! All the best, Laurie