Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time there were two girls, Belinda and Lucy. They were pretty and lazy and lived in a little cottage where they spent a lot of their time just lying around in lacy underwear

“Why don’t we go out on one of our picnics.” Said Lucy. “It’s a lovely sunny day.”

“What a good idea.” Said Belinda.

So off they went. But the sun was warm and the food made them drowsy, and the next thing they’d taken off all their clothes and started to naughty things together, they way they often did.

But this time the farmer who owned the wood caught them. First he put Belinda over his knee and spanked her, and then he did the same thing to Lucy. Then he made them stand side by side while he strapped their naughty bottoms. He knew exactly how to deal with bad girls.

Back home Belinda lay on the couch feeling very contrite. ”I’ve never been spanked before she said. “My bottom really hurts!”

“And nor have I.” Said Lucy, rubbing hers. “Mine is really glowing.”

And after a pause they both said together. “I really enjoyed that. Why don’t we do it again tomorrow!”