Thursday, 10 February 2011

A good old fashioned spanking

If you’re going to be given a good old fashioned spanking, a proper spanking across the knee with your knickers down, then all the better if it’s going to be administered by a proper old fashioned gentleman in a three piece tweed suit.

The trouble is, that smile at finding yourself in such an unexpected situation like this, up ended and bare bottomed at your age, might not stay on your face much longer. That pretty bottom of yours, stretched tight and all too inviting, is about to feel what a good spanking is all about, and already it’s almost possible to hear the sharp echo of a large horny hand against soft girly flesh.

Never mind! It will be something to tell your friends about and I suspect that most of them, certainly the ones in the know, will be jealous!


  1. L

    gosh i have a three piece tweed suit just like than somewhere in the wardrobe

    i shall don it tomorrow and perambulate looking for knowing looks, we'll see what happens . . .

    thanks for the tip