Friday, 11 February 2011

Silver haired spanker

Several months ago I posted a picture of a silver haired spanker with appropriate observations about how such a person tends to understand the subject, and how a lucky a young girl should consider herself to have such a man in her life. It attracted a number of comments and Cross were kind enough to give it a mention.

Quite by chance I have come across another image of the very same man, this time at that exact point when the girl's knickers are being lowered and the moment of truth is about to arrive.

Best leave them to it!


  1. I have a fondness for these types of photos. My own spanker is two decades my senior and I wouldn't have him any younger. (Not that I wouldn't have a younger man...) The dynamic between us is just perfect.

  2. Us oldster's, and we are a goodly number, have one thing going for us. We have the experience of spanking a naughty woman. We may snowy white hair on top, but we sure know how to make a woman's bare bottom blushing red. Happy Valentine's Day all you naughty ladies. And may all your naked rear ends be rosy red.