Thursday, 24 February 2011

I'm not a prude, but....

Some of the cooking programmes on televison now are absolutely apalling, the ineuendo , the sexual undertones. Quite disgusting. All these women presenters should be spanked, and on prime time so we can all see it! I'm going to write to my MP about it right now.


Tunbridge Wells


  1. Dear Disgusted of Tunbridge Well, normally I would agree with you, programmes pre and post watershed have sunk to new depths of depravity. However my “better half” and I use that term with more conviction lately has shown me the error of my ways, regular spankings and a new servant’s dress code has taught me that this style of programme has its place.

    Mary Whitehouse

  2. Ah, if only! Just imagine Nigella Lawson getting a bare-bottom spanking on primetime TV - now that *would* be appetising....

  3. I'll pause for a few minutes while you all think about Nigelle Lawson being spanked with her knickers down.

    Oh, I see! A lot of you already spend much of your time thinking about that already. Sometimes I wonder why I bother!


    1. I doubt if her husband takes Nigella across his knee for a bare bottom spanking.She has along with Carol Vorderman the most spankable celebrity backside.She needs at least three OTK spankings each week,with her panties peeled down to her black seamed stocking tops and suspenders. Plenty of verbal scolding should accompany the spanking that would leave the "Naughty Nigella" with a hot tingling red rump.When her spanking is complete she should be ready for some hanky panky overthe kitchen table

  4. L

    cooking - ah yes so stylish, these black and white so evocative, of what well er evocative

    Liz you posted some earlier in the same vein sort of hotel etc ambience - where oh where do you source these


  5. As regards the long-overdue spanking of Nigella, maybe Heston Blumenthal should be invited to do the honours? After all, he's known for heating up succulent ingredients in unconventional ways....

  6. I sometimes watch a cooking program on TV, which stars a personality called Rachel Ray. I sure would love to see her in some of those outfits, that are displayed in your photo, and when she puts to much salt, or sugar, or burns to much some of her food she makes, a good bottom warming, on her naked rear end, should be given.

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