Monday, 7 February 2011


It sort of goes like this. One day you’re nothing more than a young girl, always it seems in trouble and getting spanked for it.

“Ouch!” You say. “Ouch, that really hurt!”

And you go off quietly and have a think. “Why am I always being spanked? One day I’ll be grown up and it wont happen any more.”

And then you are grown up, well, that sort of young and sort of grown up stage that’ s so exciting, so when you meet a gorgeous young man , you make sure to do things so that he notices you.

When that doesn’t work, you do even more blatant things and you make sure that one day he catches you sunbathing naked.

Wow! That does the trick and soon one thing has lead to another and now you’re really grown up.

But you can’t help yourself and you find yourself saying, ”That was really naughty of me doing that. Perhaps you should spank me!” And he does, across his knee with your knickers down just like the old days.

And before you know it, you're at it again!

And so it goes on , but it seems that this must be what you want as you marry him, and even on honeymoon you get a good smacked bottom. “Start as we mean to go along!” He says , and that’s fine by you.

Trouble is, it always seems to be happening, he’s spanking you for the smallest thing , even using a hair brush when he's very cross with you.

When he finds you being extravagant and buying a fur coat, he even canes you.

Sometimes you don’t want to be spanked and you try and hide, but he always catches you in the end.

So you go to your special friend and tell her all about it, and what she tells you is interesting. “Some girls are born to be spanked.” She tells you “ And I think that you might be one of them. “It’s your fate.” But she takes a look at your bottom and rubs in some soothing cream and it’s very nice.

And as with your boyfriend all that time ago, one thing leads to another , and it gets even nicer. So when your friend tells you that from now on every time you’re spanked you must come to her to have the ointment rubbed in, you can’t wait.

So when your husband comes home that night, you’re already ready and waiting. This could all get very interesting!


  1. L

    in haste - perhaps one is as busy as you

    just had to say, as ever, the latest postings and comments - superb

    i feel much better after my brief visit

    as soon as i settle i will browse at leisure so much to catch up on


  2. I'm sure I've seen some of these pix on

  3. Spanking is our birthright. I like it.

  4. As always, good to be appreciated. With regard to the pics and where, they came from, I will be doing a posting on that very subject as soon as I have a moment.