Friday, 1 July 2011

And here we are again......

The story so far....

OK ! A short while ago I announced that I could no longer go on with Sexuelle for no other reason than I had (and still have ) so many other commitments I just could not make the time for. I hated the idea of letting it wither on the vine as I felt it was still in its young and juicy stage and with lots growing left to do, so I therefore made myself and my blog available to the highest bidder, the plan being I would squat in a dusty corner of someone else's theatre and come out and do my little dance when the programme permitted it. (Yes, I'm mixing my metaphors, but I've never claimed to be perfect!)

MarQe of MarQe's study took me up on it and the future looked bright. It seemed that we had an arrangement from which we would mutually benefit.

Oh the best laid plans of mice and men.....! Within five minute the air was rent with slamming doors and the sound of handbags colliding with ears. Not his fault, not mine but it became apparent that things were not working out and in less than two weeks we decided to part company to our joint relief.

And for the record I wish him well, seriously, without me cluttering up his bathroom and leaving my wet knickers draped over his radiators..

In the mean time I have been beset with e mails from a lot of wonderful people asking me to go on with Sexuelle, even if I can only make the occasional post here and there. I'm humbled, I really am. I promise you that when I started the blog I was beset with fears that no one would even know it was there and I still can't quite believe that anyone is taking it seriously.

But after all this, how can I not go on with it? You will have to be vary patient with me however as there are only so many hours in a day and although I will do my best there might be easily a week or ten days between individual postings, but I will try and make up for lack of quantity with quality.

When will my next post be? Your guess is as good as mine , but I'll try and make it soon.

And yes, I am glad to be back!


  1. Sorry to read that you have parted company with MarQe's study but good to see you back even if infrequently. Personally the first picture is very appropriate if you have been leaving your wet knickers in his bathroom LOL

  2. Quality wins every time. Post only when you're ready. If you let it become a chore it'll spoil it.

  3. Liz,
    I enjoyed your posts on MarQe, but I am thrilled that you have decided to maintain SEXUELLE. I second what Colin has stated, post when you can.
    Thanks so much and welcome back,

  4. Welcome back, Elizabeth!

    I think every blogger with any measure of success reaches a point where they "hit the wall." The things they have been doing become, for a variety of reasons, unsustainable. Many abandon their blogs at this stage. Some take a hiatus. But others choose as I did, and as you apparently have, to redefine the blog so it may live on.

    I'm delighted that you're back! Blog when you can and don't worry about the times when you can't. Your loyal readers will continue to be just that.


  5. this is good news, may your stylish and sexy blog flourish, even if only sometimes

  6. Thank you all! I will try not to let you down. And if I do, well what would the punishment be for a girl who.......


  7. Just to wish Liz all the very best now that she is back at Sexuelle proper. We did the right thing & did not try to soldier on thus allowing bad feeling to creep in !! Oh! & thanks for the one pair of wet knickers you did leave behind on the radiator, they're on eBay as we speak !!

    Hugs MQ x

    PS: You know where I am if I can ever help in anyway .... MQ

  8. Hi Liz

    I'm glad you decided to carry on, it was always a delight to read your blog and I'm pleased you decided to continue.