Friday, 8 July 2011

The Bicycle

I was so excited when he bought me the bicycle. ”There!” he said. “It will make you more independent and give you some exercise. And the fresh air will help make you feel in tune with nature. Off you go and enjoy yourself.”

And I did too. I hadn’t realised just how good it would feel scissoring my legs up and down with nothing but a skimpy strip of panty gusset between my naughty bits and the thin leather saddle. It made me feel so in tune with nature, that that sometimes I had to stand on the pedals to stop it all becoming too much fun!

So when I went home later I was very keen to show my thanks in the ways he likes best, so I was surprised to find him looking very cross. “While you were out,” He said “I got a text message from Rita.” Rita has been a friend of mine for a long time but I know she fancies my boyfriend and I’m not sure I trust her any more.

“She said she saw you out on your bicycle, making a complete exhibition of yourself and showing off your panties to all the men in the street!”

I was about to say something but he cut me off. “So if you like having men looking at your knickers, let me have a good look too.” And the next thing he had me across his knee with my skirt pulled up. ” Leave me alone you big bully!” I shouted, but he was much too strong for me and I couldn’t stop him and he did a lot of looking, most of it with his hands which he had all over and under my knickers, and then having had his look he than started to spank me, really hard, all the while telling me what a naughty little baggage I was.

I squealed and I shouted but he just spanked and spanked me, and then to make it worse he pulled my knickers right down and spanked me some more.

By now it was getting more than I could tolerate, like having a fire burning on my bottom, so when he asked me to promise him that I would never again go out on my bike in a short skirt and showing off my knickers, of course I agreed.

Now he’s never spanked me before, and I must admit it that together with having spent an hour or so on that stiff leather saddle earlier, it had made me feel more than ready to make up with him, and then I saw that he was in the same mood too,

I was happy for the two of us to get in tune with nature together.

That was all yesterday and today’s a new day and following that little episode I’ve got lots planned. First I’m going to pay Rita a visit, just a friendly one of course, and I’m going to show her my appreciation for her sending that text message.

And then I’m going for a nice long bike ride, but this time I’m making sure than no one will get even a glimpse of my knickers. I’d promised my boyfriend I wouldn’t and I always keep my promises. No, I’m going to leave them right off, and then let’s see what happens. It could prove to be a very interesting day!


  1. Liz,
    Very hot and fun story with excellent illustrations.

  2. That was fantastic.
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you both.

    What is is about girls on bicycles that's so sexy? I'm seriously thinking of buying one.