Saturday, 30 July 2011


I did quite a few posts on Maghella way back, and here’s another picture of her I came across recently.

I know little about her save that she was a character in an Italian adult comic strip clearly aimed at adolescent boys and the sort of over sexed men who like to have a fantasy female in the back of their minds they can masturbate over occasionally. (Most of you at a guess!) She has the sort of lush ripe breasts that go with the territory, keeps getting into the sort of scrapes that involve losing most of her clothes, and frequently finds herself tied up and on the verge of a fate worse than death. In addition, every now and than she gets spanked, but I know you wouldn’t be interested in hearing about that.

In this image she it completely naked save for her stockings and is giving a quietly encouraging look to a man who is also naked save for a mask. It looks to me like the recipe for a perfect afternoon so I’m going to go and lie down upstairs and quietly imagine what the two of them might get up to.

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