Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Tie

Oh look, I’ve just found my old school tie!

It reminds me of the games we used to play when we were first together. I used to pretend to a sexy schoolgirl who was always misbehaving and driving the boys wild.

You used to put me across your knee and spank me, quite hard sometimes. You would tell me what a bad girl I was and no matter how much I protested you always took my knickers down to get the lesson across.

Do you remember?


  1. Awesome story Liz. Very, very hot.

  2. L

    i've been a little out of touch - well a chap has to recharge his betteries and now returned see all seems as before and you have us gasping as of old - oh i like to have you gasping me - er i'm not sure that's 'come out' quite as intended and oh, even that makes me think i should slow down

    so much, so delicilous - loved the Lolita cover and the naughty girl's shoes it's the little touches and the bicycle couple has quite a story behind it - it's Italian and she was charming, tes was, it's rather old actually ah, but timeless . . .


  3. You and Wordsmith seem to be trying to outdo each other at the moment.

    You're both in very fine form.

  4. Elizabeth Forster12 July 2011 at 01:23

    I seem to be doing something right! How nice, and of course very pleased to be making you all happy.

    And yes,J, the first bicycle picture. I know it's from an Italian film from quite a while back, and I have to say such a sexy image with her showing her stocking tops etc. How should such a naughty girl be punished?


  5. You knew the title would get me here didn't you? Phew, Ties...