Monday, 25 July 2011


What have we here? A young girl waiting to be spanked with her head filled with all the nervousness and excited anticipation we all know so well. What is her significance and where does she fit in with this posting? I’m coming to it, but it will take a moment.

Let's talk for a minute about erotic arousal, just about my favourite subject and I suspect yours as well. There are so many elements to it that I almost don’t know where to start, but giving just a few we can certainly include tactile, i.e. our sensitive parts being fondled,

or licked,

or kissed.

And then there’s then visual, and for men in particular there is so much here; a glimpse of stocking top,

a hint of cheeky bottom,

or the sight of your lover’s firm naked breasts.

For us girls the visual aspect is that much more subtle, but so as not to leave us out, a nice toned body with a willy that has yet to show us its full promise rarely goes amiss.

I take it for granted however that if you tune into this blog on a regular basis then the thought of giving or receiving a spanking is something that is likely to set your heart beating that much faster.

For some of you it might be no more than a little erotic teaser that adds some spice to the sexual mix of your relationships with whoever it might be, for others it is the main course without which nothing else matters. But regardless, you will be aware that the psychology of it is massively important whether you are man who has a desperate need to dominate and control, or you are a cheeky little minx who just loves to tease your partner till he snaps and throws you across his knee while you squeal in horrified appreciation.

Like sex, a spanking has its before during and after, and being a sensualist with an all to vibrant erotic imagination I happen to think that the moments before are massively arousing in their own right and worth having time taking over them. Yes of course it’s fun when there’s no more a brief and fun filled struggle before the stinging and gasping start, but a few moments, or even longer of quiet anticipation should not be under estimated.

For an all too tense minute or so all your senses are at fever pitch. You know that you’re going to be over his or her knee being spanked in a minute,

and you can be filled anything from fear and dread to a heart pounding arousal.

For some of you your posture as you wait will be a blatant invitation to have him take any punitive pleasure from your naked bottom he wishes,

or with others it will simply show your capitulation to the inevitable.

But whatever your thoughts, take your time to appreciate them for what they are. This moment will be over all to soon!

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  1. Liz,
    You are so right. Sex and spanking in any order; it does not get any better than that.