Friday, 15 July 2011

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!

Oh dear! What’s the punishment for a girl who re-starts her blog, and then doesn’t make any postings? Not hard to work that one out.

To avoid further over the knee humiliations I promise to make up for it all next week.




  1. Liz,

    Honestly, your recent postings are terrific. You do not deserve a spanking for missing postings, but you have earned many OTK spankings for being so impish and naughty in your posts. :)


  2. Hi, I'd thought that we'd made it clear that we love you for who you are and that quality beats quantity every time. I can only apologise for being insufficiently succinct.
    you're recent posts have been wonderfully naughty and so a nice warm bottom would be a appropriate reward.
    Have a good weekend.
    Colin xxx

  3. Worry not, Elizabeth. We appreciate both what you write AND when you slouch off. The latter times provide excellent opportunities to toss you over the knee for some well-deserved discipline.


    Aunt Carla

  4. L

    yes indeed you should worry

    you have been told, and told, and told

    p-a-c-e y-o-u-r-se-l-f

    just a couple of pictures and a line or two of text - trite but 'less is more' especially with quality

    so next time you feel it necessary to apologise it may be restraint and quality time of the most exquisite nature . . .

    you have been warned - again


    build up a bank when inspiration and the muse hits you, then draw on it at a time of ennui

  5. "What’s the punishment for a girl who re-starts her blog, and then doesn’t make any postings?"

    Hugs and cuddles and cake, that's what. You are one of my most favorite bloggers EVER and I'm just glad you're back at all. Be gentle with yourself, life is hectic and inspiration ebbs and flows.


  6. Elizabeth Forster18 July 2011 at 09:04

    Thank you all. I really do appreciate your support. I'll try and live up to it.


  7. L

    mm.. the trouble is that once the 'try' word comes in that is an excuse, in advance, for failure - which can only lead to one thing in advance too . . . think about it and prepare yourself - how does it go 'assume the position'?