Sunday, 10 July 2011


Now I don’t want to carp, specially with the cover of a book whose sole purpose is clearly to make those buying it ripe and moist and in the mood for a little erotic dalliance with their lover or maybe their own questing fingers.

But Victorian issue! Since when did Victorian women wear powdered wigs?

On the other hand, as the little minx getting her pretty bare bottom pinked is wearing exactly the right, ”It’s not fair!” pout that punished girls have worn ever since spanking was invented, I’m prepared to let it go. Just this once anyway. I think what I might do is to take this book to bed for an hour or so and check it out for any other mistakes.


  1. The costume is also a little out of time, but that look and the impending spanked bottom a minor detail LOL

  2. I say when you have such erotic stories and pictures, do not sweat the small stuff. LOL.