Monday, 4 July 2011

Power Play: Short Story

“Look, we shouldn’t… shouldn't…” But they were already kissing, and her young body was pressed so closely to his they were like one flesh and resistance was close to impossible.

"But don’t you like me?" Her eyes were full of mischief and need and it took all his will to break away from her, panting with a mixture of anger and arousal.

"It’s not a question of liking!” God, how could he deal with this little temptress in her negligent tee shirt and tiny skirt? The problem was, he wanted to as much as she did and she knew it, goading him with her show of innocence. “This is just not right, I'm way older than you and I’m married. Look you’d better go home before things get out of hand.”

"But......" She stood right in front of him, her limpid eyes looking up into his and breaking through his already weak defences. He had been a sexual predator in his day, no one safe from his appetite and his bedroom cunning, and now this little nineteen year old seemd to be running rings round him.

“There's no harm in just a kiss is there? Come on, just one little kiss." And then they were again, eating each others mouths and moments later she had taken his hand and placed it on her breast, holding it firmly while he explored its young ripeness.

How often he had fantasised about how her breasts would feel, ever since he had seen her sunbathing on the lawn next door, her top discarded and her arms stretched above her head so her pert young breasts, oiled and glistening, reached up to embrace the sun’s heat.

He gave in to this investigation as long as he dared, as long as he could and still keep up some pretence that it was only because she was holding his hand in place.

"Now listen!" He was practically shouting as he wrenched himself away, guilt and conscience fighting against the urge to rip every shred of clothing from her and ravish her till she split apart. “If you don’t stop this, I’ll…….” He mustn’t say it. He’d be done for if he did. Would give away just how aroused he was in a second.

"You’ll what?” She was back in front of him, quite unaffected by his passion and vehemence. ”What will you do?”

"I've a damned good mind……" But her arms were back round his neck and nothing was stopping her. Whatever happened now was her fault and he really had tried. “If you don’t stop this I’ll …..”

"What?” She was positively asking him to. “What will you do?"

“I’ll put you across my knee and spank you!”

Her giggle was derisory. Positively challenging. "Spank me! You wouldn’t dare!”

"Right you little brat!” The struggle was brief and unequal. In many ways she was setting the agenda and she knew it, but in simple physical strength there was no contest at all and in seconds she was pinned over his knee struggling and squealing as he held her tightly in place.

“Now, are you going to behave?” His entire body was on fire as his hand explored her luscious little bottom through her thin cotton skirt, temporarily mesmerised by the hint of white knickers stretched tightly over her mons pubis. He’d given her every possible opportunity and now it was down to her. “This is your last chance!”

“Go on then! I dare you!”

He hesitated no more than a second and then let her have it, a dozen or so spanks, determinedly aimed at arguably the sexiest little bottom he had ever seen, each a stinging slap designed to be felt and appreciated. She yelped and jerked at each one, particularly the last couple which had all the force of his frustration, but when he let her up, the two of them panting and dishevelled, her eyes were bright with fresh provocation.

“Now don’t mess with me any more!” God she was just too gorgeous to exist, lithe and young and her tee shirt falling down from her shoulder and exposing her smooth buttery flesh. “I told you what I’d do!”

“Yes you did didn’t you!” Was she actually being contrite? “But it hasn’t made me any difference. You’ll have to spank me much harder than that to stop me wanting you.”

For Gods sake! He stared at her, wholly unable to know what to do with her. When it came down to it, he was only flesh and blood

“Look,” His eyes were smouldering now. “Don’t think I wouldn’t!”

“Oh, I know you would!”

“Listen, young lady. If I have to spank you again I’ll take your knickers down.”

“I knew you wanted to do that all the time!"

This time it was him who initiated their kissing his hand between her legs as she gasped and moaned. She’d given him the moral high ground and from its lofty heights he knew that he could do anything he wanted with her and he intended to enjoy it. He broke off for a second, looking at her as if he had never seen her before. “I may be kissing you, but don't think I'm not I’m not going to spank you."

"Of course you are." She said, her voice less calculating now she had achieved what she’s set out to do. "I know I've been asking for it."

Positioning her across his knee this time he savoured every second, the look and feel of her along with the glowing anticipation of a pleasure almost to perfect to be happening. Ever since she had started house sitting for his next door neighbours, now on a lengthy foreign trip, he had lusted after her, her impudently short skirts,

her barely buttoned tops, and of course her out of reach youth making her completely unobtainable. Time and again he had watched her, fantasising about her lovely slim thighs, his cock angrily erect and weeping with his primitive need, but now she was his for the asking, across his knee and ready to be punished. He ran his hand up and down her legs, caressing and soothing them before getting down to business and pulling her derisory little skirt as far up her back as he could. Having done so he took a sudden indrawn breath at the sight of her sweet bottom, its curves and crevices enhanced and highlighted by her the skimpy white panties.

While she wriggled and mewed he took an age to feel and investigate its mysteries, deliberately trailing his fingers over her central crevice which was already damp with anticipation.

“Now what am I going to do?" He demanded, wanting to hear it from her own mouth.

“You're going so spank me, Sir." She answered, clearly as lost in this erotic prelude as he was. “Spank me good and hard."

"Ad why am I going to spank you?" He asked, one finger inside the leg of her panties and unambiguously stroking the moist pink lips hidden away there. Now aroused to a new level she had a problem answering, but had the same need to say the words he wanted to hear as he had to hear them.

"Because I'm wanton little minx who only visited you today was because I wanted to make you to fuck me."

“Then in that case…..” He was scarcely in any sort of control now, but he wanted to savour every last second of this. “I think nothing less than being spanked with your knickers down will do. You accept that don't you?” And as she gasped her agreement he took the silky waist band in his hand and started to peel them down as slowly as he could to get full benefit, his eyes on fire as he watched her naked bottom come into view inch by lushious inch.

“And in case there’s any doubt on the subject," He was nearly purring now as he gave her naked cheeks a final caress “I'm going to enjoy every second of this."

Whatever she’d anticipated it wasn't what he unleashed on her, his arousal and frustration now given full release as he spanked and spanked her lovely young bottom with all the zeal of a righteous puritan Whatever sexual depravities they might indulge in them when this punishment was over, right now he was doing this for real.

She was half his age, knew he was married and had deliberately set out to seduce him. She needed to be taught a lesson and he was doing it to the very best of his ability. In a second she realised what she had let herself in for, screaming and struggling for real as she fought to get away but his arm was tight round her waist and she hadn’t a prayer. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She was yelling, but he was on a mission. From the second she had knocked on his door with her all too transparent story about running out of milk she had been in charge, orchestrating his sexual capitulation. Well now he was in charge and as her bottom changed from peach to pink to crimson he was determined that she knew beyond any doubt who was calling the shots.

“Will you start behaving ?“ He called out, the metronome rhythm of his spanking hand not pausing for a second

“Yes! Yes!“ She screamed out. “Yes!”

Now he did pause. “And will you do what you’re told when you’re told? “

“Of course, Sir. Whatever you say!”

“Well having got that established ….” And when they kissed this time it was different. She was following is lead like a dancer, her body anticipating what he wanted her to do, so when he stood up she instinctively kneeled in front of him, a half smile playing on her lips. She was back in territory she understood .

“Like this, Sir?” She breathed as she opened the front of his jeans, hardly able to believe the sheer urgency of the engorgement that sprang out in front of her big eyes.

“Yes, just like that.” He answered as her mouth investigated the burning tip. “In fact……."

For a second he couldn't talk, the sensations running through his loins so exquisite. With the little part of his brain that could think he made a few decisions. He wouldn’t fuck her this time. Make her wait. Perhaps leave actually fucking her till after a couple more spankings so she knew exactly where she stood, but the thought of her lithe body across his knee again was so arousing he lost all control and his creamy gift shot into her young perfect mouth as his legs turned into rubber bands and nearly gave way underneath him.


They seemed to be in bed, naked and intertwined. He hadn't planned to do this, but maybe it had been inevitable from the start and sometimes it's just not possible to fight nature.

He had gushed his longing into her twice and it was as if he no longer had anything between his legs at all, all sensation having been expelled with his seed. A third would be completely beyond him particularly having taken pleasure in her mouth before the first of his entries into her loins.

“I was just thinking,” She said, snuggling against him and running her hand over his naked chest. “That maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement. It’s a bit of a cheek I know but, I've a feeling that you might get something out of it too. I mean,” and her face had its calculating look on again, ”You did seem to enjoy spanking me."

He wanted to know more wholly unable to get any grasp of what this demonic teenage siren was all about.

“The thing is, I’m in the last few months of my gap year and I have some really serious assignments that have to be completed, and if I dont I'll lose my place in Uni. I'm really quite bright, but I do tend to be a bit lazy, you know short of self discipline and well.....”

She surely couldn’t be suggesting , No! But he let her go on, wondering if this could be true.

"What I’m trying to say.....I mean, if you sort of supervised me so if I wasn’t doing what I should be, you'd, well, punish me.........."

Already the impossible was happening, his cock stirring in anticipation. "The problem is......" She shrugged the sheets away so her young naked body was on full display and her eyes great pools of erotic promise.

"I just don't know how I would be able to thank you." She stretched out and already he was engorged and eager, ready to punish and penetrate till he died of exhaustion. “But I'm sure between us we could find some way....."


  1. OMG. Really, really hot and erotic Liz. Awesome pictures and a brilliant narrative.

  2. Elizabeth Forster6 July 2011 at 09:01

    Glad you enjoyed it. I must say I had a lot of fun writing it.


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