Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back to School

My book, Sins of the Flesh, is about an aspiring actress, Fleur, who gets a bit part in a film set in a girl’s boarding school. She thinks is just going to be a modestly naughty film, sort of St Trinians but with a few nude scenes thrown in for good measure, so no real problem.

She finds that it is in fact a full on erotic film with real sex both with the girls and the teachers and, surprise surprise, lots of spankings. It gets more complicated when she finds herself attracted to a number of people on the set and the cross pollinations and cross punishments that follow are what the story is about.

In a way I was cheating by writing this as I had little doubt that I was taking a well worn short cut into people’s fantasy world. Naughty schoolgirls have always been a staple of erotica, and of course ripe and ready young madams in short skirts and stockings being spanked by sadistic head girls before being kissed into oblivion afterwards must be a regular feature of many people’s bed time imaginations.

That real schoolgirls are not actually like that is irrelevant, just as we don’t care that real secretaries don’t wear huge glasses and spend much of their time bent over the filing cabinet so as to give their randy bosses tantalising glimpses of the secret places above their stocking tops.

It’s what our imaginations do to these characters that matter, and with schoolgirls their combination of knowingness and innocence is something that can be turned into an incendiary cocktail.

It’s taken for granted that men have a particular weakness for all this, but we girls are equally in thrall knowing what power taking on such a character gives us. Look at the excitement generated in a group of girls when a Back to School disco is in the offing with the opportunity it gives to dress up and release our inner slut. Don’t think that we aren’t all too aware that hungry masculine eyes are feasting on our suspendered thighs as we whirl and gyrate on the dance floor or that our tiny panties are playing an endless game of now you see it, now you don’t. As naughty schoolgirls we know we can get way with all this, flirting and teasing for all we are worth, even though we know there is likely a price to be paid.

And what happens when we get back home to face the consequences? Yes there’s a good chance we will be forcibly taken up stairs,

thrown across your commanding knees and then, after an appropriate lecture on our misbehaviour soundly spanked with our knickers round our ankles while we squeal and protest that we were only doing it for you.

And is it unfair that we should be treated in this humiliating way? Absolutely not. We deserve every stinging spank, and probably a lot more if the real truth about our slutty imaginations were known. What do you so often say? “If you behave like a naughty girl I’m going to have to treat you like one.” Maybe that's even truer when we dress up as naughty schoolgirls as well.

So long as you treat us like a grown up girl afterwards, that’s absolutely fine!


  1. Liz,
    I read Sins of the Flesh on my Kindle. The school girl chapters were very erotic and explored many of the fantasies that we all have involving short dresses in a class room setting. And of course, you are the master of describing the emotional state of Fleur as she experiences spanking and sex while filming an erotic movie. Although the book is fiction, it is told by someone as naughty as Fleur and clearly based on her real life experiences. Right Liz? Nice snipet from the book with hot pix, but just a tease compared to the actual chapters.

  2. L

    i've always felt a little uneasy about the schoolgirl fantasy however astonished at how little it takes to get a 'lady' to herself suggest just such a scenario

    an interesting side aspect to this, many years ago Pamela Stevenson, then of the'not the 9'TV show and a friend were asked to leave Harrods i London when they went into the school wear section and were trying on a variety of outfits and could not supress their giggling laughter - ah, happy days


  3. Elizabeth Forster21 July 2011 at 00:25

    Thank you both.

    Based on real life experinces? Hmm! Couldn't possibly comment!


  4. Now I'm just going to have to object to the insinuation that men have "a particular weakness for all this". It's more a healthy obsession :P