Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Spanked by Appointment

The following post appeared, very briefly, when I was a cuckoo in MarQe’s Study. Re-posting it here is my retaliation for his selling a pair of my expensive knickers on E
Bay. This man is clearly going to come to a sticky end, but my fear is that the same fate is in store for my panties.

Rather than get heavy about it however, here's a few thoughts on the subject in verse.

There once was a young girl called Liz,
Who got her self in a tizz.
After a long night of kissing,
Her knickers went missing,
So she snuck out next day wearing his!

Spanked by Appointment

“I think you’ve just earned yourself a spanking, young Elizabeth. Come to my room at six tonight, and make sure you are appropriately dressed.”

Oh how often have I found myself in that situation, an appointment across a man’s knee affecting every single moment for the rest of the day, the two of us all too aware of its implication as we exchange glances. But it’s a gorgeous man of course as otherwise the situation would not have arisen, and despite myself I’m already self lubricating as I think about it.

Being punished by appointment is such a different animal from the rough and tumble of instant retribution when you wrestle and giggle before the inevitable capitulation and down go your knickers and your bared bottom is soundly spanked for whatever excuse or reason was given this time.

There is best value in this situation when the two of you will be in each other’s company for the day. “No need,” He says, kissing you deeply. “No need to let it spoil the day.” And indeed he is even more attentive and affectionate than usual, unable to keep his hands off you in the taxi to town, and his whole body luminous with arousal.

“Where will you be tonight?” He murmurs when at the café your waitress is out of earshot. “Across your knee, Sir.” You answer, your bottom already tingling with anticipation.

“And how? He wants to know, his priapism so clear to you he might just as well have slipped it out for all to see.

”With my knickers down.” You tell him. ”Unless you decide to pull them off completely.”

By mid afternoon, you’re so excited you wish you were wearing that special tee shirt your friend bought you for a joke not knowing that being spanked is something you want and need.

You want everybody to know that in a few short hours this pretty and sophisticated female will be demeaned and humiliated by being spanked across her boyfriend’s knee, begging him to stop but of course not wanting him to.

And of course with a spanking by appointment, at any time between the sentence being passed and that moment when you stand before him, nervously wondering how thorough it’s going to be, the reality of your day to day persona could easily have slipped into the swirling mists of fantasy. You are a naughty schoolgirl who has misbehaved once to often,

a provocative secretary,

or a young servant girl with an all too strict employer.

Whatever it is, enjoy it to the full, and of course the inevitable commerce that follows. That’s something you never have to make an appointment for!


  1. You captured the anticipation of a good spanking and the intimacy that follows with interesting prose and terrific pictures as you always do.

  2. What a delightful post Liz, all the elements of a good spanking, the suspense, the anticipation, the humiliation and finally the spanking.