Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Educating Anna

I have received an e mail from one of my newer corespondents who has read Educating Anna and I am going to reproduce it in full.

As a writer is it vitally important to know that one is being read and, if possible to be understood in the ways one set out to be understood. If at least a handful of readers appreciate the book in the same way, I will be truly happy.


Dear Liz,

I purchased Educating Anna because I was enthralled by the prose in your blog. Writing in English is a dying art in America. Fortunately, our English cousins excell in the use of the language. My guess is the motivation used by the Headmasters I have read about in the UK spanking stories.

I read extensively: Hemingway, Steinbeck,DeMille, Connelly, Child, Patterson, Chrichton,Dickens, etc. In most novels, there is the obligatory love making scene. Sometimes from the male perspective, sometimes female. I have never read a more powerful and exquisitely detailed love making scene as the one in the second chapter of your book. As I said in one of my posts, no man could ever write with such passion and understanding. And, few people today have the command of the English language that you have including most of the popular authors I noted.

You said in your post that the book would tell me about you. My perception is that you are a very sensual woman that enjoys stepping outside the lines. You love to experiment and take full advantage of your feminity. At the same time, you are in total control. I view this is a positive; I like confident woman who are in control. A man may think that he is the master over you in a scene, but it is clear to me that you are the one that is in the drivers seat. But, not in a manipulative manner, I do not sense that in your writings. You are using all of your talents to maximize the pleasure of the moment.To me, the most sensual woman is intelligent and able to communicate using body language and verbal skills to arouse all of the senses. Liz, I sense that you are that very special woman who is a master at employing both to full advantage.

Now that my heart has stopped pounding from the last chapter I read, I can continue reading Educating Anna.


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  1. Liz,
    I am honored that you posted my email.