Thursday, 19 May 2011

Men only! A little treat from Elizabeth.

As I so often make reference to, I am a romantic at heart, love subtle seductions and sensuousness, the feel of someone's breath against my eyelashes and the first brush of lips against the tips of my ears.

Much of the time the time when I'm writing for the blog I try and reflect that, but sex like food comes in different forms, and even if ones favourite dish is smoked salmon, that doesn't mean that from time to time one does not feel like a hearty goulash

I also have to allow for the fact that there is a split in my readership between men and women, in what ratio I will never know, and that of course even here there will be those who want erotic poetry and those whose needs are more basic and feral.

Given that, let me for once go for the erotic jugular and give you men what I suspect you all really want , images of young girls being given the classic OTK spanking you love to think they need,

girls spanked with their knickers up,

girls spanked with their knickers down,

and girls who might never get to see their knickers again.

Naked girls,

fully dressed girls,

girls who love a good smacked bottom ,

and those who really are not sure about it.

Just this one time consider that I am a pleasuring hand, reaching out to stroke your straining imaginations and to take them to wherever you like them to go.

But be warned, I may well never do this again and for all you know my next post might be about knitting patterns.


  1. Thank you for the eye candy. Cheers.

  2. For Pink story: See blog Mischief Managed, July 19, 2010 post. I sent an email with some commentary. Check your spam and inbox folder.

  3. I don't THINK a spanking over the knee is what ladies need. I KNOW it is what they need! Especially mature ladies whose names start with E and end with H.

    I would like to send you a photo of a lady whose bottom needs spanking but I don't know your e-mail.


  4. Mature! Not yet, thank God.

    Any info for the blog can be sent to


  5. Correction! There is a problem with the moaning mary e mail.

    send anything to:-