Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Suspendered siren

This picture, for me, says it all about both the sex war and why we girls often find ourselves being spanked when we're not conscious of having done anything wrong.

Look at her, simply sitting there in all innocence, apparently minding her own business and not wishing to be any sort of nuisance. But her breasts are lush and ripe, and her blouse so low cut that the smallest shrug would have all that rich bounty on display. And look at her legs, crossed, oh so casually, so the observers eye is drawn straight to the suspendered thighs and the promise of what lies beyond.

What red blooded man could look at her without wanting, not just to ravish her, but to teach her a lesson for making his loins surge and buck, for making his head pound with a longing so primitive he can hardly control it.

Yes, candle lit seduction is wonderful, but there is a time and a place for everything and the needs set off in him simply by looking at this pouting temptress flashing her sleek limbs are too basic. Before any other congress can happen between them he is overtaken by an urge to throw her over his knee, drag down her knickers and give her a thorough spanking that might just kill off his frustration at being at the mercy of what she is doing to him.

And then at last, when she is squirming and contrite, the moment will be right for him to gush his longing deep into her.

But then, that's why she was sitting there in the first place!

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