Monday, 9 May 2011

Miss Jones......

Miss Jones, you probably realize that since you’ve been working here that I have become quite fond of you, but even so, as your employer, and as such your moral guardian, I feel it incumbent on me to point out certain unavoidable facts. I have no problem with your work which is excellent, but I am concerned about certain matters, in particular your skirts and dresses which do tend to be on the short side.

In fact with some of them when you are leaning on the desk it’s possible to see things that no young well brought up girl should allow to be seen.

If you go on wearing skirts like these, then I have to say that the error of your ways will have to be pointed out to you, or putting it another way I shall have no choice but to give you a good spanking.

You will appreciate of course that for me to make a proper job of this, no matter how thin and skimpy your panties might be,

I will of course have to pull them down to ensure that you learn your lesson..

And of course, quite unavoidably, that will mean my getting to see your young pretty bare bottom,

which, just between ourselves, I have spent a certain amount of time thinking about recently.

And you must understand that being a man with all the weaknesses and needs that men are subject to, there is a danger that when comforting you after having spanked you that, well, human nature might take over and we could end up doing things we will both seriously regret.

So bearing all that in mind, tomorrow PLEASE wear an even shorter skirt than usual to make sure it all happens!


  1. Suddenly I feel all weak and needy, but full of spankfullness. Non, Je ne regrette rien!

  2. I'd better keep you away from Miss Jones!


  3. I love Rosaleen Young. But I enjoy all the pictures Sensuelle has selected!