Thursday, 5 May 2011

How do you want me?

What do you like best?

Do want me to be a femme fatale?

Or a naughty schoolgirl?

Shall I be naked ?

Or in enticing underwear?

Should I positively invite punishment?

Or be challenging?

And when you do spank me, is it more fun when I’m docile and accepting?

Or when I struggle and fight?

And then again, do you want me with absolutely nothing on

Or as a girl from one of our fantasy games?

Because I love all of those, and a few more I haven’t even mentioned

And we always end up the same way

And that one is always is my favorite.


  1. L

    ah choice, the most useless and frustrating of the human attributes, for instance why can't there be just one pattern of wallpaper - oh, but i digress

    so we are posed 'do you want' or 'or, or, or'

    well greedy boy that i am i'll just say 'yes please' to all . . .

    ah, L, you sweet temptess


  2. J, You are such a naughty boy, but as you call me a sweet temptress I can only take it as a compliment and thank you.


  3. Where the form? My pencil is shaking!

  4. just your pencil, the whole set of my kit is shaking

  5. LOL!! L, Wordsmith and Anonymous seems to be having a bit of problems after reading your post! I can truly understand why, I loved the post.
    But really guys - I had numerous talkings to about self-control?



  6. My goodness I seem to have made a lot of you very happy!

    Let's hope I can find another post that you all find as uplifting.