Monday, 16 May 2011

Sex, summer days, and the pleasure of going without knickers.

When I saw this image I could almost hear this woman’s her mind working. She’s going on a romantic picnic with a gorgeous man and hoping it will be windy so he will suddenly get to realise that she’s naked and available under her skirt. Whether that results in his leaping on her that very instant, or spending the rest of the afternoon in a fever of arousal (much the best way in my experience) the end product, some wonderful steamy sex, is guaranteed.

I’ve some very clear memories of a few naughty summer days, both with knickers on and off. With one I was out for a hot afternoon with a lovely man, not actually my boyfriend but someone with whom fluids had been shared on a number of occasions with much mutual pleasure. When he picked me up I was a picture of innocence in a long summer dress in light cotton so I wasn’t sure why his eyes lit up so much when he looked at it. I soon found out. As I climbed in his wonderful car (A very sleek open TVR) he suggested that our day out would be given a wicked edge if I spent it without any knickers on, and in a moment I had agreed. I slipped them off and he put them in his pocket a gleam of pure lust lighting up his eye.

From that second onwards we were both massively conscious that under my shroud of pretty blue flowers I was knickerless and it got the two of us in a real state, constantly stopping to kiss and fondle against trees and walls and everywhere we could.

But what added an additional element to it was that for reasons I can’t now remember, we each had other things to go on to, so actually having sex wasn’t an option, and the mixture of want and denial left us both awash with arousal. Take my word for it however, the next time we met we made up for it in a big way.

Another recollection was in its own way the complete opposite. A summer day out with a lovely man, yes, but this time my cotton dress was as short as it gets. (Sorry to sound boastful I do have nice legs and summer is a time when a girl can show them off without looking like a tart which I always try and avoid.)

Of course with a dress like this I was wearing panties, skimpy little white
ones I remember, but regardless I did have something protecting my modesty.

We were going for a picnic somewhere, but on the way visited an ancient tower, tall and narrowly built with the only way to the top a very narrow spiral stone stairway Surprise surprise, he let me lead the way up with him following, and at every step all I could think was that his eyes had to be glued to what he could see up my little dress.

I was right, and the instant we got to the top it happened, both of us all too aware just how quick we would have to be. He bent me over the battlements where I looked down on the people below who had no idea of whet was happening up here, pulled the leg of my panties to one side and in the space of a minute or two had penetrated and gushed with a bellow he had to subdue so as not to give the game away.

I’m not suggesting that this was the most satisfactory sex I’ve ever had, but my God it was fun, and when the two of us emerged back at out through the narrow stone doorway at the bottom we were both glowing with a smug self satisfaction we couldn’t shake off for hours.

This wonderful May a weather is definitely a time to be out in the meadows and long grass indulging in the quickening of the blood that it always brings with it, almost as if we can hear Pan pipes urging us to frolic and misbehave.

Whether for you that means sex in the moonlight,

or something kinky in a secret spot in a wood, I hope you all enjoy it.


  1. Liz,
    This is one of your best ever posts, very erotic with excellent illustrations.

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