Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You know you're in trouble when.......

You know you’re really in trouble if:-

He confiscates your knickers for the day so he can spank you whenever he feels like it:

It’s the first night of the honeymoon and he’s already spanked you twice;

The only game he wants to play these days is schools;

After giving you a really thorough spanking he says, "Now let’s really spank you!”

He gets his secretary to spank you when he doesn’t have the time himself;

It’s your birthday and he buys you a new cane;

He goes on spanking you, no matter how much you apologise;

He puts a cushion under your stomach to make you comfortable because, "You’re going to be in that position for a good long time.”

He makes you watch your bottom change colour;

He insists on your giving him ten good reasons why he’s got to spank you.

But be honest, none of these are as bad as when he ignors you!


  1. I always know when I'm in trouble because my husband texts me and instructs me to be wearing my school uniform for when he gets in. ;-)

  2. Thanks for your observations, but personally, Anonymous, I would have thought a text like that means that you're in for a treat!