Monday, 9 May 2011

Rachel Johnson

Other than that she is currently the editor of The Lady and the sister of Boris, the haystack headed Mayor of London, I know almost nothing about Rachel Johnson, but following reading an article by her in The Telegraph this Saturday I’m keen to know more.

Clearly a bright jolly girl, for various complicated reasons in the nineteen seventies she was sent to a English boys only boarding school . Despite or possibly because of being one of only two girls there, she loved every minute of it, and whether or not that was because the boys would literally come and lie on the floor under her desk for the pleasure of looking up her skirt she doesn’t make clear.

The school was super traditional and the only things it really cared about were the three Cs, classics, cricket and the cane. (Yes I’ve got your interest now haven’t I.)

After an evening escapade with one of the boys which involved kissing and chocolate (She’s clearly a girl after my own heart) she was offered a choice of punishment and one of was them being caned. Apparently used to regular parental chastisement, bless her little heart she chose a caning, but it was not her who bottled out but the teacher responsible who decided that caning a girl was out of the question.

I can only say that she was lucky that some of my correspondents wasn’t in charge at the time. She’d still be bent knickerless over the desk while they mopped their brow ready for the final dozen or so.

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