Monday, 23 July 2012

And so it goes on......

If girls are not spanked often enough when they are young,

either by their mothers,
or their teachers,

There’s a danger that they could easily grow up into over sexed undisciplined sexy little madams,

The sort of girls who are always thinking naughty thoughts and end up so aroused that they end up pleasuring themselves.

That being case, their poor boyfriends have no choice but to send them to bed,

And soundly spank them.

That’s fine, except there’s something about the sight of a girl who has just been spanked, lying here on the bed and looking sorry and contrite,

That tends to make their boyfriends feel somewhat over ripe,

And of course, the girl in question feels morally bound to do something about that,

But as what thy do about it is arguably naughtier than playing with themselves, there’s a good chance that their boyfriends feel that on balance that they should be punished for it in a traditional and old fashioned way, in the bedroom of course and with their knickers down ,

But while she waits for another exciting session over her man’s knee there’s a good chance the girl could get herself aroused simply by thinking about it , and we know what she could easily end up doing, and so the whole sorry story could go on and on.

Let’s hope so, for both their sakes!


  1. Yes, overripe is the correct adjective to describe the male response upon reading your are naughty...and richly deserving of a large male hand bouncing off your bare bottom...If you think you get squirmy and butterflies in your tummy...this particular male rises up with grinning appreciation of your overripe exclamation point is definitely in your future. Myke

  2. So true, Liz.. specially the part about waiting.

    One of the things that drives me nuts is when before we leave in the morning, he tells me what we will be doing later. I spend the day in a state of distracted squirmy arousal of anticipation.

    amber xxx