Tuesday, 24 July 2012


What is it about innocent looking girls that is, I don’t know, so disturbing?

Girls who are quiet and demure looking,

Simply wearing whatever it is they normally wear during the working day,

Or possibly, if taken by surprise in the bedroom, had never for one second expected that someone might just happen to pop in on them,

Or who, if caught after their shower, would immediately wrap themselves in a towel to cover their modesty.

Nice girls who eat wholesome fresh fruit,

and simple natural girls who l keep themselves far away from people’s prying eyes as they play their harmonica deep in the woods.

Girls who studied hard at school , never giving a second’s problem ,

and always went to bed early and alone to read improving books.

Why is it that, despite this very wholesomeness, or maybe even because of it we have an urge to kiss and undress and seduce their unsullied bodies,

but as we cannot, to help purge the seething lust that they always set off in us, to simply take them over our knee and spank them,

whether we are male or female,

peeling down their knickers to ensure that they get the full message that we are trying to get across to them.

Is it that, because we are not the remotest bit innocent ourselves, we resent that they might actually be the real thing , Or is it that we believe that they are too good to be true and that under that quite exterior there is something wicked and dangerous, smouldering and awaiting release?

What does it matter?

So long as they give us something to feed our wicked imaginations as we walk past them in the park, let’s have more of them! For all we know, they might be having similar fantasies about us!


  1. LOL lovely pervary.

  2. Of course the other side of every naughty devil's naughty fantasies of spanking beautiful innocent lasses is to have the tables turned that our lovely ladies would also be playful to put us over their gorgeous silky knees to return our love. Afterall, what's fair is fair! =;)

  3. It's all an illusion that comes natural to us to be able to put on.

    Then given the right circumstances with the right partner, that veil of innocence disintegrates and all kinds of wicked naughtiness prevails ;)

    amber xxx