Monday, 9 July 2012

Spanking Elizabeth

A while ago the on line Dutch magazine Amsterdam Spoke asked me if I would do a couple of articles for them as they felt that something a little more “Adult” might boost their readership. The following is the first one I did, word for word but with a few added illustrations.

This picture so reminds me of the eighteen year old me, suddenly finding myself being spanked for the first time in my life. The shock, the horror, the sheer disbelief that an educated liberated and sophisticated young woman like me was across my boyfriend's knee with my panties down and being told I was a naughty little girl and had been asking for it!

Of course I had been asking for it, but that was hardly the point. I was being spanked for God sake, a punishment for nineteen fifties children, not modern liberated females. It was undignified demeaning and painful, but, Oh God, despite that, or maybe because of that it was massively arousing, and the harder he spanked me and the more he told me what a dreadful little brat I was the more aroused I became.

He could not have known that at last I was living out a fantasy that had been simmering in my subconscious since adolescence. I was never spanked as a child, but my parents were films buffs and with them I saw a lot of older movies from the nineteen forties and fifties. In those days young girls really were punished this way, and in a lot of these films there were scenes where adolescent or older girls were spanked or at least threatened with it, mostly by parents or teachers, but surprisingly often by husbands or boyfriends. I was at that age when my sexual curiosity was off the scale, and I found the idea of a grown up girl being spanked by her lover weirdly exciting. Having not long discovered the pleasures of masturbation, more often than not it was the thought of a good looking man taking me over his knee and spanking me in progressive states of undress that had me arching and mewing under my midnight sheets.

That first ever spanking got the two us seriously excited which gave a real edge to the sex we had afterwards, and from then on I found myself across his knee on a regular basis. Later with other boyfriends I had no bother finding ways to encourage them to punish me, and the die was cast. A few years on when I started to take occasional holidays from being heterosexual I discovered for myself the excitement of having a young bare bottomed minx across my own knee for a spanking.

And the pain you ask? That's not really what it's about. The focus is about setting up a sexual dynamic where the girl on the receiving end has surrendered her adulthood to the man's authority. Once he's spanked you, who knows what pleasurable things he might chose to visit on you, and that's another part of the excitement. The pain is incidental, but there should be just enough of it to add a little danger, and enough to spill over from your burning bottom into other parts and become something strangely enjoyable in the process.

And never make the mistake of thinking that your man is not into that sort of thing. I've never yet met a man whose eyes didn't light up at the thought of a girl being spanked. Let me make a suggestion. Team your shortest skirt with some stockings and a pair of skimpy panties. Approach him diffidently with lowered eyes, and as you run the tip of your finger down his shirt, try something like, "I've been a very naughty girl, Sir, " Then give him the full on big innocent eyes. "Perhaps you should spank me!"

If that doesn't yield some pretty exciting results, I suggest you get a new boyfriend! As for you men out there, if your girlfriend does approach you this way, when you’ve got her across your knee and you're pulling her panties down in readiness for her punishment, remember it's me you've got to thank!


  1. And thank you very much Elizabeth! You'll always be over our knees getting a spanking to properly thank you in our dreams too! Xoxo =;)

  2. Liz, I am absolutely shocked at how similar our experiences were. The only differences I found were that I had been sneaking down to watch tv after mom and dad went to bed and that I was 21 when I first had my boyfriend spank me. I printed this post out to show him and the first thing he asked was if I had a lost twin.

    What a great article you wrote for them. It was a great explanation of the development and eroticism of the so sensual and sexual act that spanking can be. I look forward to reading the second one should you post that, too.

    I liked your little tip for the girl looking for a spanking. I get so frustrated when I hear girls say that they have always wanted it but were afraid that boyfriends wouldn't do it or just assume they wont. My boyfriend and I both agree with you that there is not a guy out there (or at least very very few) that would hesitate to take his girlfriend over his lap with just the slightest encouragement. Hopefully your well written essay will help. ;)

    amber xxx

  3. I wouldnt actually agree with that amber, I know a number of females who have had difficulties in convincing their boyfriends to spank them properly as opposed to just giving them a few love pats.
    The problem appears to be that they think they may hurt them or they think its abuse.
    Although I think it is easier for a girl to get her boyfriend to spank her than it is for a guy to get his girlfriend to be spanked. Because unless that is done correctly that could really lay him open to all kinds of problems.

  4. Thanks Sir Stephen, for pointing out that I had not been specific as to the type of spanking activity of which I spoke.

    I was referencing the spanking that Elizabeth writes about in her awesome photostories, that I complimented her on describing in the article, and in a previous post, explained that my boyfriend and I engage in.

    That of the eroticism of the so sensual and sexual act that spanking can be.

    The type that her tip to the girl approaching her boyfriend in her shortest skirt, stockings and skimpy panties and telling him she has been a naughty girl is meant to encourage. Where there the chance of doing harm or "really" hurting her is negligible.

    That is the spanking activity that I get frustrated with girls saying they can't get and is what I meant when I said that there is very very few guys out there that would not act on the encouragement.


  5. I like the fact that your boyfriend did not need any encouragement or invitations from you - he simply spanked you for your bad behaviour. The first spanking a man gives his woman is much more romantic that way - and that was probably the reason you responded so favourably to it.