Thursday, 12 July 2012

Decisions! Decisions!

OK, No story this time, just three very spankable strumpets, each in their own different ways positively asking for a long lingering session over the knee for one reason or another (and what the devil is that girl doing climbing through a window and giving us an eyeful of her lovely legs?) .

But what is this forth girl doing here? Look at her, downcast eyes, sweet pretty and virginal looking. No worries, she’s not fooling me for a second . The quiet ones are always the worst as most of us know all too well.

I’ll leave you to make up your minds which you rather have an hour alone with. Take your time over it. Pleasurable things should never be hurried.


  1. It has also been my experience that the quiet ones are the worst/best.. I'm pleased to say Liz.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes and I would love to do a book review for you :) xx

  2. Oh sorry Liz. I had forgot to tell you.

    That young lady climbing into the window is Linda a college student saving money by staying at the home of Bob and Margaret. All she has to do, is help with chores and follow a few simple rules.

    Last week, Margaret went off to help with her sister's wedding and will be back next week. Before she left she warned Bob. She told him to watch out and that Linda will use her wiles and charms to walk all over him while she was gone.

    Well, Margaret was right. Linda had been neglecting her chores and dressing in skimpy clothes and laying about the pool in the smallest of bikinis instead of getting her school and housework done.

    Linda thought she had Bob right where she wanted him and knew that she could get away with going to the great party last night. It broke one of the few rules of being home by 10pm on weeknights, but it was to be such a fun party and she knew she could make Bob look over it. Still, she thought she better sneak in.

    She did not know that Bob knew she was gone and when he heard her trying to climb thru the window, he had had enough and he knew straight off how he was going to deal with her.

    When she finally struggled her way in, she was going to see for sure one chore she had been neglecting. The vacuuming. For she was going to be spending quite a while staring at that bedroom carpet!

    nice pictures ;)

    amber xxx

  3. Amber, thank you very much for your birthday wishes, just went onto the last section and saw them xxx

  4. Just wanted to say that your blog is wonderful! I'll be coming back again and again and watching out for your books. :)


  5. My goodness, Amber, what a wicked imagination you have. Just as well your boyfriend spanks you when you need it!

    And Nigella, so happy that you like the blog,and should you ever get round to reading either of my books I would be thrilled to get any feedback.