Monday, 2 July 2012

No further comment needed!


  1. With a pair of mens boxers around her ankles and the tissues around the floor this looks like an advert for women's sexual health :)

  2. This would be me after reading your last post, Liz... if it weren't that I knew my boyfriend would be home soon ;)

    amber xxx

  3. L

    i have had a few moments and been reflecting on you and your activities

    things move so quickly on this site one is never sure whether it is best to go back to the original string (oh listen to me)or just message into the latest posting although it relates back to an earlier topic, theme or subject

    it can be quite a slog to go back and locate things and of course with the illustrations and your racy commentary quite distacting, rather like looking something up in the dictionary and ending up sinking at length into quite unrelated items

    of course i may have missed some trick whereby one just clicks and all comments are listed separately

    you may have some observations - i'm sure Miss Amber with her quick and lively mind (oops i nearly said thighs)has some thoughts


  4. L

    quite disconnected with latest postings - just experienced 'shock horror' moment

    Miss Elizabeth do not, do not, do not, succumb to the conceit of one Erica Leonard James (no, no relation, anyway she's foreign)in releasig photos of yourself

    i have just seen ELJ of '50 Shades' trilogy fame, posing with her book etc argh . . .

    we all know, in each of our own mind's eye, indeed if not our hearts what you look like - a positive vision - do not, do not, do not, break that vision



  5. Oh dear! What do I say? In fact when I started this blog I did have a picture of me at the mast head (Pensive on couch, semi rear view, naked with side view of one breast and a curtain of hair masking the side of my face.) You would not have been disapointed, J, but I decided to take it down as even with my face obscured I was concerned that someone would recognise me.

    Should my cover ever be blown then maybe I will put it back.

    And yes you're right, Ms James is a little homely looking. On the other hand, she must now be very very rich!


  6. L

    yes i suppose in the stlye of "all heiresses are beutiful" theme i could fall for ELJ