Thursday, 19 July 2012

Just don't understand!

I just don’t understand my boyfriend! I mean, if I dress so that men can see my bra,


I get spanked!

But if I make sure that they can't see my bra, I still get spanked.

And if he thinks that my skirts are so short that at the office the men can see my knickers,

I get spanked

But take all precautions to ensure that they can’t,

I still get spanked!

And, surprise surprise, if I dress up in provocative clothes (just to please him of course)

I get spanked

But if I leave them off, you’ve guessed it, I still get spanked.

Aren’t I lucky! (Specially as I know lots of lovely ways to make it all better!)


  1. It's funny how they can be so unreasonable that way, Liz ;)

    I have mentioned it before, I know, but, it's also funny how when we get home from them taking us on a night out, we get spanked for those too short skirts, too low tops, etc when they were just fine with it as we left the house.

    amber xxx

  2. It is indeed amazing how many excuses we can come up with to spank a young lady.
    In fact, we don't really need an excuse, but its always nice to have one. :)

  3. It all sounded perfectly reasonable to this naughty devil. Now honey, no more fussing or my knee will be waiting to bend you over again. =;)