Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Be careful!

A word of warning following my last post. Unfortunately two lovely young girls who were trying to help me out by dropping leaflets in a bookshop and a cafĂ© respectively got caught. The consequences were captured on camera phones and they were kind enough to send me the pics.

Not all bad news though. One enjoyed the experience so much she’s going back again tonight, but this time leaving her knickers off ,

And as for the other one, after a long heart to heart with the owner in a back room she persuaded him to drop all charges!

If any of you have similar experiences, please let me know.


  1. Oh, dear. I have gotten behind on my reading being so busy with school and work and home :(

    ok let's see.. the post "Great Aunt Harriet" on July 16

    J, thank you for sharing your take on the book. I always suspect that in most cases, things that get so much hype do not come close to living up to the accolades. It almost becomes a contagious mentality that something has to be liked because "everyone else does" or because some celebrity has told us we should.

    Liz, what an insightul tale of discovery that seemed to have taken an unfortunate twist at the end until it is left to the imagination to see how she resolves it. There are many ways that that could turn into quite the further adventure ;)

    and the post "I need you" on July 17

    Liz, just an opinion as I really have no experience or knowledge of these matters, is that your preservation of anonymity might be a big factor. Should you decide to make yourself known, it might make all the difference in the world.

    I will be getting your books for sure in a couple months, but, in the meantime, even if you were half joking, you have given me an idea.

    I have probably just enough ink in my printer to last this last school term so I cant print out a bunch of copies of your flyer and can't afford to have a shop do it, but, I think I can make use of some machines around different buildings to get quite a lot printed out.

    Then I can leave them laying about the campus in say empty rooms that will be filled soon with classes, on the seats of the shuttles that run, on the cork-boards that are filled with other flyers and announcements, etc.

    Which leads to this most recent post.

    Well, should a tall, handsome professor catch me and decide I need a thorough spanking, I will be sure to let you know ;)

    amber xxx

  2. A

    here we go again with your 'gotten' but i'm warming to your use of language

    but ah, really disturbing here we have a real hot Elizabeth Forster fan and you have not yet, by your own admission, got 'Educating Anna' etc how are you surviving - yes now go on to admit you have 'the trilogy'

    i just cannot imagine the scenario when 'L' gets her hands on you


  3. Amber, you are too wonderful! What else can say. That doesn't stop me hoping that you get caught and spanked for it, but I'm sure you understand.


  4. Remember J, I didn't even know there was a Liz and her books until recently. I do wish I could get them sooner, but it is not to be. It will have to wait until I graduate and start working. As for that damned trilogy, I really have no desire to read it.

    And, Liz can get her hands on me anytime tho I will probably want to return the favor mind you.. and for some reason, I doubt my boyfriend would mind one little bit ;)

    Oh, and Liz of course I understand you hoping I get caught and spanked. I would hope the same for you, too ;)

    amber xxx