Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dear Mum....

Dear Mum,

Just to let you know that I’m good and well and staying with Francesca at her flat. Sorry about that last big row, but with dad saying I was turning into a bit of a slut and then going on that I wasn’t too old to be spanked, well it was all a bit too much and I felt I had to have some breathing space.

Anyway things are fine here. Francesca and I have become very special friends and spend lots of time with each other which is great.

I know you and Dad said she was a bad influence, but she’s not like that at all. She does voluntary work at a sort of hostel for men with special needs, and I’ve started to go there with her too. We both take it very seriously and although there’s not a uniform as such we do try and make an effort look the part and make sure that what we’re wearing sort of co-ordinates.

There’s no official duties as such , but we just have to use our discretion and give the men hand when they need it.

The men are very sweet and simple and seem to appreciate the smallest thing. Sometimes I play the piano for them which they seem to enjoy,

and occasionally Francesca and I do a double at together which gets lots of applause.

We’ve even tried to do art classes for them which is quite ambitious. I must say we do get good and messy and I’m not sure how much the men actually learn but the really like watching us so that’s fine.

And, yes, I know what you and Dad must be thinking but you’re wrong! Just because they’re special needs they’re still men and all that. Yes, I know but I’ve allowed for that, and if any of them start getting frisky I’ve found ways to make sure they keep their hands to themselves.

And of course as I’m a sort of authority figure they just love it when I make mistakes and Francesca has to admonish me for it, right in front of them, and they always call out for her to be even more strict with me!. Really, the things I have to put up with but its all in a good cause so I don’t mind.

The men are no more than big kids really, so it’s not difficult to keep them happy. We often have little parties where everybody dresses up and it’s all very innocent and simple. Their favourite dress up is Robin Hood and Maid Marion and when we do that one they all keep calling out “Friar Tuck!” or at least that’s what it sound like!

We’re planning a special party for them soon and we’ve got a lot of other volunteers roped in to help out and it should be lots of fun.

As most of the men don’t even know what the date is we’re even going to have a Father Christmas there which sounds a bit silly when it’s actually July, but so long s it keeps them happy that’s all that matters. Apparently I’ve been chosen to be Santa’s special helper which is really flattering considering that I’m the youngest and newest there.

As you can see it’s all quite demanding and I do get tired, but even when I feel lazy and simply have to just lie down and just let the men enjoy themselves, they still seem to appreciate it.

And if your at all interested Francesca seems to agree with Dad that I’m not to old to be spanked and she does keep me very much in order.

In fact she spanks me more than dad does but there’s no bad feeling about it and we always make a special point of making up afterwards.

And Rick my new boyfriend….Oh no I haven’t told you about him have I? He owns the hostel. Anyway he seems to agree with Francesca that I’m not to old to be punished if I’ve misbehaved, so one way and another I’m all the discipline I could possibly need.

So as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing that either of you need worry about, and as for Dad thinking I’m turning into a bit of a slut, well the very idea!


  1. third picture down, girl pn left in ornate room

    a classc that i know but just have not been able to track down as there must be others in the same style - anyone, help please


  2. L

    you know i have been dwelliNg on that picture again - location could be the inside dining room on the left at the V & A, youll know it . . .

    i've taken pictures there however the best i could achieve with my 'fans was very staid but without panties, always a thrill as they blush when asked to 'smile please'. . . the procedure being to check on obedience ie once seated instructed to go the the ladies room and remove said panties then on return to be shown the rolled up artice however to then express scepticism as to an available spare pair - girls often carry a spare pair one finds - so they have to demonstrate by using their imagination that they are indeed ready for their closup . . .

    ah, i ramble


  3. Won't mom and dad be in for a SHOCK when they visit her at work as all parents are want to do!

    Awesome pictures and a sexy and humorous letter home, Liz

    amber xxx


    I nearly forgot.

    Referring to the entry titled "no further comment needed" posted July 2. 2012..

    J, a suggestion about referencing previous posts (as this is doing).

    It does seem that the best way is to comment in the newest entry, but then cite the entry to which you refer as I just did. The way Liz has it archived, it is quite easy to find the previous post that you want to talk about.

    Putting it in the newest entry, is much more reliable way to make sure it gets read :)

    Oh, and you are right. That was a cool picture.

  4. A

    there you go again - of course we all understand what you want to say, what was that Humty Dumpty had to say about this - over to you 'L' however we all understand and that is the message - however, however

    'wont' - lovely word, old english i think

    but 'want' oh, it's corner time for you my girl, if not the naughty girl's room . . .


  5. Mr mystery man J we ladies, well me for one, love your ramblings

  6. Did I say "most" of what you write is erotic?....scrub that Liz, my apologies, everything that you write is ALWAYS erotic. You are always appreciated Liz xx